Addable Toys

These toyboxes shown here can store and dispense your handheld toys as well as floor toys. They dispense via menu based on contents.




These Addable™ toys link up to your K-Mae child via menu and go where baby goes.

Army Truck     Bloody Bear     Blue Bear

Blue Plane     Blue Rattle     Blue Star

Blue Teether     Blue Truck     Elephant

Flashlight     Flower Rattle     Happy Ghost

Hoot Owl     Koala     Mermaid

Monkey     Monster Truck     Penguin

Pink Bear     Pink Plane     Pink Rattle

Pink Star     Pink Truck     Purple Teether

RWB Rattle     Ragdoll     Red Plane

Sand Bucket 1     Sand Shovel 1     Turtle

Weeble Bear     Wooden Bear     Yellow Star