Interactive Pets

Here are some other beds which your K-Mae toddler can use, that aren't listed under our standard toddler beds. The daybeds shown below can handle up to 4 children












These changing tables are stocked with Lifetime Diapers and help keep baby's diaper stat in check with proper use. Always keep baby's diaper stat under 30 for best health and happiness. Interactive for one parent and one child at a time. 0-78 Weeks. For older children please purchase one of our toddler potties.



Our hair is Addable™ mesh hair. It links up to the child vi menu so it goes where baby goes. The color chart below shows the variety we offer on most styles. Some styles, such as Wild Child, have fewer color options.


We have the following styles available as well as other (Sculpty) styles in our main store:




The toys shown here are rezzed toys which your K-Mae child can use. They can go into our toy boxes or be left out. Some are interactive with the parent also. Prim counts and age range varies with each item. Details are shown on each image.















The bath tables shown here are for younger K-Mae children from 0-78 weeks of age. For older children please see our toddler tub. Interactive with 1 parent and 1 child at a time. We also have a Gorean baby tub which is also interactive and for the same age range.



The eyes shown here fit K-Mae Lil Sprouts children only. They will not fit on standard babies correctly.




We have puppies for your little ones. They run and play and interact with your K-Mae children, and their food is Free once you have purchased their food/water dish (touch to refill). Many coat options to choose from. These are not breedable. They're just interactive pets.







These food/water dishes are necessary to keep your puppy fed and healthy. Once you purchase the dish it's just a matter of touching it to refill. 1 prim sculpty.






These dog houses are for your puppy to rest in, otherwise he may get too tired to play.






Here are some treats and toys for your puppy to keep them entertained and happy.


These blankets are ideal for bringing baby home from the hospital in. They wrap snugly to keep baby warm even in the harshest of Winter conditions.





These newborns have self regulating stats, meaning they never require food or diapers but you can roleplay that stuff if you'd like. They cost a little more upfront but cost nothing to maintain so they save you money over the long run.

Self Reg Classic Newborn  Self Reg Elf  Self Reg Heirloom

Self Reg Precious  Self Reg Lil Sprouts Elf  Self Reg Lil Sprouts Human

This toddler tub can bathe 2 toddlers at a time, and is interactive for one parent. Low prim design with exposed plumbing. You can change the shower curtain using one of our shower curtain installers, sold separate and shown below.


Optional Shower Curtains for the tub shown above:







The wings shown here fit all K-Mae baby types. They are Addable™ so they go where baby goes. The wings flap as baby plays.